As you may already know Pebble is closing down. This left us, Pebble enthusiasts, wondering what will happen with our watches (especially with the Pebble 2 that we got a month ago).

Since that crisis the comunity decided to get together and started organising themselves to replicate all Pebble services possible. The idea is that we can still use the watches when Pebble decides to shutdown their servers. That’s how the Rebble project was born.

There is currently a new AppStore in the making, Android and Windows phone apps (that were already there) and even a very early ‘hello world’ firmware. As an iOS developer (and user) I wanted to contribute too so I started coding an iOS App and library. If there’s an iOS update we don’t know if the oficial Pebble app will break, so the idea is that you can use this alternative app instead.

My general idea is that I will first code a library to handle all the Bluetooth LE protocol and I’ll build the app on top of it. It will be open source so anybody can build their own app. And as PebbleKit you could integrate my library in your projects so you can comunicate with pebble (think of companion apps).

So far I’ve read a BTLE book that the GadgetBridge (Android app) developer recomended me and started coding the BTLE library. For now it scans devices and triggers the pairing in all Pebble models including the original one. I’m going to use this blog as a developer diary so I can publish my progress and you can follow it.

I am doing this in my free time so I have no idea when this will be finished (or if it will be any time). So please be patient 🙂