Rebble iOS status

As you have noticed I have been very quiet for a long time. A lot of people have contacted me in Discord or even in comments here if I have any progress on the Rebble iOS app.


Any progress on the project?

Unfortunately I don’t have any updates to share yet. When I started this project I was unnenployed and of course I had all the time. I used to dedicate my afternoons-evenings to this project because that’s when I’m most productive.

I live abroad so I went to my home country for some time to celebrate Christmas with the family and friends. And right after that I started working again.

Currently I work 40h developing iOS apps (that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 7 years). I started in a big project with a very tight deadline (if you’re a dev this probably sounds familiar) so I arrive home quite tired.

This doesn’t mean I abandoned the project, it just means I really don’t feel like coding more when I arrive home because I am very tired. I usually just lay on the couch and watch Netflix or play videogames. I am so tired that I don’t really use the PC at home, not even in the weekends!

This situation is not going to last forever and I really look forward to adjust properly to this new rythm (or deliver this project, whatever happens first) so I can again dedicate some time to the Rebble project.

As I said several times I am an iOS and Pebble user. This project is not only to help the community but also to help myself. So don’t worry, I didn’t abandon it.


Is it open source?

Right now it is not open source. My plan is to make first a library to work with Pebble from iOS (so connect, send/receive data…). That will be open source as soon as it is ready (or at least a bit more advanced than it is now). You could use my library to create your own apps to sustitute the official Pebble app, or to create a companion app and send/receive data to/from Pebble.

On top of that I’ll build an app using that library to be a sustitute of the official Pebble app. Right now what you can see in the video is just a dummy app to test. This will be done once the library is stable enough.

By doing this I think the comunity will benefit more with a library + app than with just an app 🙂


Do you need help/admit donations? 

For now I don’t need help unless you have worked with BTLE in iOS. (CoreBluetooth) Especifically if you have done more than just connecting to a device and read a characteristic (that is actually done and working).

I also don’t need donations. I really appreciate the people who are offering it but since I don’t really have much to show I don’t think it will be fair.

If you want to contribute to something, I am part of the Kiezel Team. So you can buy our watchfaces/apps or use kiezelpay to buy any other face.

I specifically did (appart from some faces) the only app that Kiezel has: Kiezel Health.


What now?

If you have read until here, thank you for being there. I will update again as soon as I have something else to share. Please take in account that I do this in my free time so I don’t know when there will be a next post.

Any case, I am misato at the Discord channel, so feel free to talk to me (in spanish or english) if you have any questions.


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