Rebble iOS day 3

I have not much to show today. First of all I have changed the icon for the app to this one:  rebble app icon (a bit of margin on the top and I changed background color to the proper one).

I haven’t figure out a way to know when the user has pressed in the “pair” button yet. For now I store the UUID of the device when I trigger the pairing action, asuming the user will say yes. Later on when starting the app I can try to search for connected devices with that UUID. If there are none I can start scanning again.

I also have implemented the GATT Server. I haven’t known what it really was until today, and I still don’t know exactly how it works. But the idea is that the Pebble connects to the phone and send some commands (like ACK). I asume this is done to keep the connection alive but I can’t say it for sure yet. It still doesn’t work as expected since I don’t see any device connection to that GATT Server.

And that’s all for today. Not much but there’s still a lot of things I don’t really know about. I expend most of the time digging in the GadgetBridge code (again, thank you very much guys for sharing this) and trying to make sense of all of this while coding it in iOS.

What’s next? Investigating why nothing connects to that GATT server.


  1. Not yet, sorry 🙁 I’m very busy at my new job and I get to home exhausted. So I didn’t have time to continue working on this yet

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